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The Renewable Energy Institute of Florida can best be described as a "think and do tank" modeled after our parent and affiliate: which was created 5 years ago in Texas and is spreading nationwide. Our newly minted Florida chapter joins New York and California as a solutions provider across the spectrum of Green and Sustainable Lifestyles. We network with the academic world as well as the professional world to deliver to our clients desired results in matters related to Energy, Water, Construction, Infrastructure, Food and Agriculture. We believe in bold action and the power of ideas. We see the current challenges facing our great nation in energy, security, health and prosperity as a call to action; and we strongly believe that we can be a part of the solution.

To end America's dependence on unsustainable sources of energy, lead and formulate public policy that promotes greater use of renewable energy, and develop strategic partners that share and advance the goal of making the United States energy independent.

To educate the public stakeholders that include residential, commercial, industrial and governmental organizations who are consumers of energy the many benefits and uses of renewable energy and to promote the expanded use of renewable energy technologies in the United States and around the world.

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March 2010 Florida Everglades Resort Coming 2012 ....Everglades-Big Cypress, FL
Florida Everglades Resort Coming 2012 ....Everglades-Big Cypress, FL
Everglades EcoResort at Big Cypress (the "Lodge"),(Florida Everglades Resort) will be a full or limited (0ut) service EcoResort complex, designed and operated within thematic, enjoyably outdoor recreation, nature based program within educational and environmentally, entertainment sound parameters. This remarkable resort will be LEED and ISO 14001 Certified... read more

April 2009 Green Jobs - Wind Beats Coal!
Green Jobs - Wind Beats Coal!
In some promising "green jobs" news, the wind industry in the U.S. has now officially surpassed the coal mining industry in the number of people it employs. Wind industry jobs increased to 85,000 in 2008 while the coal industry remained the same at about 81,000 jobs... read more

November 2008 Florida school seeks to harness Gulf Stream's power
Florida school seeks to harness Gulf Stream's power
Florida Atlantic University is getting almost $1.2 million from the federal government to investigate the possibilities of tapping energy from the Gulf Stream... read more